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Lighting the path for entrepreneurs

Starting a business for the first time

is overwhelming.

You have a brilliant idea, but you need a blueprint to show you how to bring it to life, as well as what steps must be taken to protect yourself from unnecessary pitfalls and risks.

I’ve been there and I get it. That’s why I founded Theia Collective.

Having graduated with a business degree from one of the top business schools in the country, I was shocked to realize that I had been taught how to be an employee - not a business owner.

I was fortunate to have a vast and incredible network that helped me connect the dots and avoid costly mistakes. But not everyone is so lucky. Access to the right people with the right knowledge was crucial to my initial success, and it’s time every new entrepreneur had the same advantage.

Business finance and tax can be some of the most overwhelming parts to starting a business.

That's why I made a checklist for you to make it simple.

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Theia Collective was born to light the path for entrepreneurs. You don’t need to feel alone or in the dark any longer.

Theia Collective’s Mission

To equip and empower entrepreneurs - both energetically and tactically - to become the CEO of their life and business.

We are building a bridge that spans the gaps of knowledge and network. Our mission is to create access and to eliminate these common barriers that keep many entrepreneurs from entering business or doing so successfully.

If your network is your net worth, yours is about to increase.

Giving Back

The purpose of business is not profit - it’s to solve problems and leave the world better than we found it.

Our vision is to help as many women as possible gain economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, because money means choice, and choice means freedom.


About Alessia

Alessia Citro is a corporate dropout, coach, author, and entrepreneur. In addition to founding Theia Collective, she is host of The Corporate Dropout Podcast, a show that empowers and equips its listeners - both energetically and tactically - to leave the corporate grind and live the life they were created for.

After overcoming mental health struggles and getting clear on her purpose, Alessia left a successful career in tech, most recently at Google, to pursue her dreams and help others do the same.

Alessia is a wife, mom and a top network marketing leader.