“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

- African Proverb


Bringing Professional Connection to a New Level

If you’ve started your business, you know - entrepreneurship can be lonely. It can also be really hard to find like-minded professionals that you mesh with for the pieces of your business that you need to hire out - whether it’s taxes, branding, or a website build.

Our Theia Collective Community solves these problems by connecting you with the high vibe business tribe you’ve always hoped for but never had.

Why It Matters




Women start 1,817 new businesses each day in the United States - but more don’t have the support they need in order to succeed and avoid costly mistakes.

Women in the United States weren’t able to take out a business loan without a male co-signer until 1988.

Women receive only 21.3% of SBA Loans.

That’s why Theia was born - to light the path.

Theia Collective Community is a place to share knowledge and resources. To share expansive ideas with a sounding board of motivated entrepreneurs. Simply put: it’s a place to expand and grow in communion. We are stronger and go farther together.

Some of the benefits of our high vibe business tribe

Virtual Rolodex

Exclusive Events

Group Coaching

“Your network is your net worth” and our bench is deep. Whether you need a business lawyer or a coach, we have the contacts you’ve been looking for to grow your business with confidence. Consider us your entrepreneurial matchmaker. Or, browse our member directory to find your next hire or collaboration.

Join us twice a month for business and mindset coaching in a group setting. You can submit questions beforehand, or come with them live. Group coaching has been found to be 10x more effective than 1:1 coaching, and this is the perfect place to troubleshoot or get advice.

Whether it’s learning from experts across specialities via community calls, our book club, attending weekly guided meditation or breathwork, or coming to an in-person event, we create the space for you to learn, grow, and connect.

Save On Courses

Resource Library

Create Connection

Whether it’s a burn-rate calculator or a prompt to define your why, our library of resources is constantly growing to assist you where you need it most.

This community will be there to celebrate your wins, grow your confidence, provide feedback and expand your network in a meaningful way.

Your membership fee is applicable as a credit towards our Business Foundations Mastermind Course and any courses that come after it.


Making the decision to become a business owner can be daunting and down right lonely.

The only thing that will set your success apart from the 80% of new businesses that fail in the first 5 years, is a solid COMMUNITY. Not just any community - but one filled with growth-minded entrepreneurs where education and collective success is paramount.

Jodie Sacco

Executive Coach and Entrepreneur

Ready to become the CEO you’ve always wanted to be?