Jessica Carter

Sales Expert | Co-Founder & VP Sales at Nurture Boss

Jessica Carter has over 10 years of business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales experience. She has sold tobacco, staffing services, tech (SaaS), insurance, wine, and more. I’ve also worked within many different industries (consumer goods, healthcare, power and utilities, financial services, call centers, commercial real-estate, etc). Why does she think this matters?! Because she has found success in every sales position she has ever held — and it’s not by coincidence or luck. Over the past decade, she has worked very hard to identify, cultivate and execute proven sales processes that have served her and her teams very well across all different types of sales roles. She has also been fortunate enough to expand her knowledge into leading sales teams to successfully execute winning sales processes.

Jessica is currently running sales for the company that she and her brother started, Nurture Boss. She is a producer and a leader of the sales team. Having been in the ‘start-up trenches’ for the past 2 years, Jessica is incredibly passionate about helping others get through it and is mentoring in Theia Collective to help YOU create a winning sales strategy for YOUR business.

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