Savannah Joy

Embodied Feminine Leadership Coach | Founder of Embrace Your Wild

Savannah Joy is the founder of Embrace Your Wild and an Embodied Feminine Leadership Coach. She empowers visionary leaders to become the masters of their energy and emotions through self-acceptance work and somatic healing so they can lead themselves through any circumstance. In working with Savannah, you will use your body to tap into your inner wisdom, learn to embrace and unleash your inner wild and finally allow yourself to take up space unapologetically in your relationships and business.

Through coaching and on retreat, she weaves in embodiment, sound healing, guided visualizations, energy work, manifestation work and Co-Active Leadership tools. Savannah has professional backgrounds in Embodiment, Music, Photography, and is an ICF certified coach trained through the Co-Active Training Institute.

Embrace Your Wild empowers female visionary leaders to step into sovereignty in all areas of their lives, cultivate more impact, more wealth and live a life of aligned purpose through a unique methodology that integrates embodiment, sensuality, and spirituality.

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